Organizing Committee:

Vassilis Anastassopoulos
(University of Patras)

Laura Baudis
(University of Zurich)

Joerg Jaeckel
(University of Heidelberg)

Axel Lindner

Andreas Ringwald

Marc Schumann
(University of Bern)

Uwe Oberlack
(Chairman, University of Mainz)

Konstantin Zioutas
(University of Patras)

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Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz >>> Prisma >>> University of Patras >>> Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Physics >>> DESY >>> CERN >>> Universität Bern >>> University of Zurich >>>


How to reach the conference site

How to reach the conference site:
Schloss Waldthausen is marked on this Google map with a green arrow.
How to find Schloss Waldthausen

By car:
- Arrival at Frankfurt/Main airport (FRA): Map with route description Frankfurt Airport - Schloss Waldthausen
- Arrival at Frankfurt-Hahn (Hunsrück) airport: Map with route description Hahn Airport - Schloss Waldthausen
As the last part is not on a motorway, a more detailed description might be helpful: From the motorway A60 you take the exit 17-Heidesheim in the direction to Budenheim (L422). See also Detailed Map with motorway exit

By plane:
- Arrival at Frankfurt/Main airport (FRA) (see also
There are two train stations at Frankfurt airport, one for long distance trains and one for commuter trains. There is little gain in taking a more expensive long distance train, which run less frequently. Hence look for the commuter train station "Regionalbahnhof" and buy a ticket to Mainz (currently 4,10 EUR) at the ticket machine. Take the S8 commuter train to Wiesbaden (NOT the S9 to Wiesbaden) and get off at Mainz central station (Hauptbahnhof). The S8 departs every half an hour at hh:29 and hh:59. In addition, there are a few regional trains (e.g., R80). Check the RMV website ( for best connections. After arriving in Mainz, please proceed as explained under section "By train".
- Arrival at Frankfurt-Hahn (Hunsrück) airport: For the transit from Hahn airport there is a shuttle bus (1 hour ride) which has a time schedule that can be found here. After arriving in Mainz, please proceed as explained under section "By train".

By train:
After you arrive at Mainz central station (Hauptbahnhof) exit to the city center. Turn right and go to the bus stop. Take line 64 in direction of "Budenheim". According to the time schedule on Sunday, the connection to Schloss Waldthausen is hourly at hh:10. After a 20 minute ride exit at bus stop "Budenheim / Schloss Waldthausen". The bus runs every hour until 11.10 pm and then once again at 0.30 am.
Alternatively there are taxis available, to the left after exiting the main station.

Public transportation:
Bus connections
Train connections
Time schedule for line 64 at Mainz (Mainz main station to Schloss Waldthausen)
Time schedule for line 64 at Mainz (Schloss Waldthausen to Mainz main station)
Time schedule for shuttle bus to Hahn airport


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