Organizing Committee:

Vassilis Anastassopoulos
(University of Patras)

Laura Baudis
(University of Zurich)

Joerg Jaeckel
(University of Heidelberg)

Axel Lindner

Andreas Ringwald

Marc Schumann
(University of Bern)

Uwe Oberlack
(Chairman, University of Mainz)

Konstantin Zioutas
(University of Patras)

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Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz >>> Prisma >>> University of Patras >>> Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Physics >>> DESY >>> CERN >>> Universität Bern >>> University of Zurich >>>



For further information about submission and registration contact:

Andrei Afanasev (Jefferson Laboratory and George Washington University)
O. Keith Baker (Yale University)
Cynthia Sazama (Fermilab)
Suzanne Weber (Fermilab)
William Wester (Chairman, Fermilab)